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Why live in Cumbria and Lancashire?

Cumbria and Lancashire posess outstanding natural beauty, England's tallest mountains, deepest lakes and two national parks.

As England's second-biggest county, Cumbria provides a tapestry of urban and country life which tourists can't help but fall for. Anecdotal opinion strongly suggests that many companies and investors move here after visiting the county as a tourist, attracted by the prospect of Cumbria’s natural beauty and cultural offer on a full-time basis and far from the stresses and strains of urban living.

Property prices in Lancashire and Cumbria

While property prices vary depending on the area – homes are usually more expensive within national parks than those outside – the total cost of living is normally low. Those moving to Cumbria will also find good primary and secondary schools for their children. At age 11, Cumbria's educational attainment comes in the top 5 per cent in England.

Cumbria is one of the safest areas to live and raise a family with one of the country's lowest levels of crime. There is a wealth of statistics on all things from education and property and health and population. Better still, organise a holiday and see for yourself. Everything you need to know is online.

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Beautiful surroundings

Cumbria is the most stunning and unique county in the country; there is no finer place to live, work, walk around and invest.

Home to The Lake District, surrounded by the Pennines and endless stunning coastline, there is nowhere else in the country that can boast of such a huge variety of awe-inspiring and exhilarating landscapes.

Cumbria has the brains to match its incredible natural beauty and has hugely positioned itself as a world leader in the sea-based, specialist manufacturing and nuclear sectors, while making huge strides into new sectors, in particular renewable energy. There are great areas to cycle around in the Cumbrian countryside.

Connected by road (M6), train (West Coast Mainline and Cumbria Coast Line) and flights (Carlisle Airport), England's second biggest county is in a great location to reach national and international markets. This, with a huge range of rural and urban opportunities and a great quality of life, blend to create the perfect place to combine business and pleasure.

Lakes and valleys

A largely rural county, Cumbria is thought to be one of the most stunning regions of the country and has the whole of the Lake District, also called The Lakes or Lakeland, the Eden Valley, the Furness Peninsula, the North Pennines, and part of the Dales.

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